Fast, Human Translation of CRM Content

ln_logo_all.pngLinguistNow is a product suite provided by Language I/O. LinguistNow tools plug into your Oracle-RightNow and Salesforce CRM platforms,  allowing companies like yours  to automate human and machine translation processes for both your FAQ and Help Desk email content. By entirely automating the export of new content for translation and the import of the translated content, LinguistNow dramatically speeds up your client response times, new product release processes and reduces the risk of errors that is present when you perform these steps manually.

Our CRM-agnostic GoLinguist server can integrate with any CRM that exposes the right set of APIs. We also provide ready-to-deploy LinguistNow add-ins specifically for RightNow CX/CRM. Within Oracle RightNow and Salesforce, LinguistNow allows you to request translations of answer and incident content with the click of a mouse.

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