Salesforce Case Translation 


  • Plugs Directly Into the Case Feed View
    LinguistNow® Response is a Salesforce app that can be easily installed into your Case Feed layout.
  • Combines Human and Machine Translation
    LinguistNow® Response employs a combination of rapid-turnaround human translation services as well as machine translation services to enable your support desk to respond to your clients quickly, in any language and at a reasonable cost to you. 
  • Super Easy
    Did we mention how easy our product is to use? Literally, the support agent clicks a translate button to automatically pull translations directly into the workspace. No selection of languages (LinguistNow® just "knows") and like magic the translation appears. Sign up for a free pilot of our product to see what we're talking about.

How Easy Is It?

  1. When a support email shows up in a language the agent doesn't understand, you simply click the Translate link next to the incoming text.incoming_chinese.jpg
  2. For incoming emails, we usually configure LinguistNow to use instantaneous, machine translation. This translation does't have to be perfect. The agent just needs to understand what's being asked so they can respond. However, in the rare instances where machine translation isn't good enough, we always provide agents with a Retranslate link that sends the original text back to our server for a quick, human translation.
  3. Once the agent understands the question, they enter a response in their own language inside the email editing area. The agent then hits the LinguistNow® Translate button to the right. For this translation step, we generally configure LinguistNow to retrieve a rapid-turn-around, human translation. We want the response that is sent back to your clients to be written by a native speaker!
  4. When the translated response is pushed back into the email editing window, the agent simply hits the Send Email button and the professionally translated response is sent.  send_Chinese_email.jpg