LinguistNow CRM Integration ... It's Automatic


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If your support team uses Salesforce or Oracle Service Cloud (a.k.a. RightNow), we're already there. ln_logo_slide_new.png LinguistNow puts the tools to automate human or machine translation of your self help articles, email and chat right at your fingertips.

Contact us about starting a pilot test of our products. We also have the framework in place to easily integrate LinguistNow into other CRM platforms

Automated Translation of Support Content

We can automate the human or machine translation of your support content, allowing your English-speaking support staff to communicate with your customers in any language. We do this by plugging our software directly into the Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform where your support agents and content editors are working. You push our translate button and we handle the rest. 

A Hybrid Human and Machine Translation Solution for Time & Cost Optimization

When a translation request is made, our LinguistNow server retrieves either a human, machine or a hybrid translation and pushes it directly into the CRM workspaces. The type of translation selected is driven by the content being translated - emails, FAQs, chat etc. The translation services integrated into LinguistNow include:

  • Rapid-turnaround, human linguists (translations are piped directly back into your CRM in under an hour)
  • State-of-the-art, machine translation engines
  • High-quality, vertical-specific, human linguists

Salesforce Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow)