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Language I/O Welcomes New Head of Sales

Posted by HeatherMorganShoemaker on March 27, 2012

Language I/O brings on Kaarina Kvaavik to head sales and marketing.

At Language I/O we have big news. Our open sales and marketing exec position is being filled by the best possible candidate. I can state this with confidence because I've worked with Kaarina Kvaavik, our new head of sales and marketing, in the field of software localization for over ten years. KK.jpg Kaarina knows localization like Steve Jobs (RIP) knew design. Like Madonna knows pop. Like Tebow knows Jesus. And if you've stumbled upon this post without knowing what on earth localization is, let me fill you in.

Localization (what we geeks refer to as L10n and I'll let you figure out why) is the process of taking documents, film, software - pretty much anything that contains language-specific symbology - and translating those symbols so they make sense in another area of the world, also known as a locale. The people who actually perform the text translation and other localization tasks are linguists. Localization companies specialize in contracting the services of large pools of linguists across many countries. We at Language I/O partner with localization companies so we can integrate localization (traslation) services into software in a very seamless way.

This type of service and product (we do both) isn't something you can sell well without knowing what you're talking about. And let's be honest. In the United States it's easier to convince people that you know the business of localization when your name is Kaarina Kvaavik. Kaarina's outstanding resume in localization is available in our official press release so I won't give you the boring details here. I'll just give you the interesting ones.

The daughter of a Finnish mother and a Norweigan father, Kaarina grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. She moved to the U.S. in 1992 and later married a Greek. It's true, I attended their wedding. So her household (which includes two kids, herself and her Greek) is technically trilingual. Talking about localization and what it means comes naturally to Kaarina. But she's also naturally just good with people. I'd wager that Kaarina could effectively market skis in Saudi Arabia (wearing a burqa) ... she's that convincing. 

To date our team here at Language I/O has been very heavily focused on building our technology (alright, and writing amazing blogs). We've known for a while now that it was time to pull in the big guns when it comes to sales and marketing. Kaarina, we're so glad you're here!


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